Planeswalker Deck Throne of Eldraine: Oko



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Planeswalker deck by Throne of Eldraine: Oko.

Travel to a world full of magic and fairy tales with Throne of Eldraine. With noble knights and heroic legends, Eldraine is the place for adventure. Do you find your happy-ever-after in this fairyland? The possibilities are endless – just watch out for the big bad wolf…

A planeswalker deck is the perfect deck for getting acquainted with Throne of Eldraine. The deck is ready-made and contains unique cards that have never been released before, including a foil planeswalker! With the two included boosters you can immediately adjust the deck to your liking.

A planeswalker deck from Throne of Eldraine contains:

– A ready-made 60 cards deck.
– An exclusive foil planeswalker.
– Two boosters from Throne of Eldraine.
– A Magic the Gathering: Arena code for the deck.
– A strategy insert from Throne of Eldraine.