MTG Theros Beyond Death Booster Display



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Boosterbox from Theros Beyond Death.

Return to the mythical Theros and explore the mysterious underworld! Learn about Theros’ rich history with epic sagas and prove your dedication to the gods. Will you help Elspeth to escape from the underworld? The constellations of Nyx sparkle with endless possibilities. Which path will you choose?

A Booster Box Theros Beyond Death contains 36 boosters. Each booster of Theros Beyond Death contains 16 Magic: the Gathering cards which one rare, three uncommons, ten commons, a basic land and one token. In approximately one in eight boosters you will find no rare, but a mythic rare! You also have the chance to find a card with the special showcase frame or a borderless planeswalker in a booster!

Theros Beyond Death boosters are extra special, because as standard you will find a full art Nyx land in every booster!